Take Action

No workforce has more at stake in decisions made by elected officials. That is why we care so much about who is elected to go to Olympia to serve in elected office. 

As election day approaches and the severity of the budget crisis becomes more clear, we’re bringing back Movement Mondays and WFSE Wednesdays!

Register for a phone bank to educate fellow WFSE members about:

  • Registering to vote
  • Supporting elected officials that are strong on state employee issues
  • Our candidate endorsement process
  • Opportunities to join Movement Mondays and WFSE Wednesdays 

We need all hands on deck to get candidates elected that will reject an austerity budget.

The past months have left many of our communities hurting. Massive unemployment, the threat of serious illness, and the loss of coworkers and loved ones have hit folks hard. But we're not giving up. We're coming together as union and we're fighting for the changes we need to get through this pandemic.

It's time for Washington State to do the right thing and call on the super-wealthy to pay their fair share.

That's why we're joining together en masse to call our elected officials and tell them to put People First.

Putting people first means prioritizing public services, supporting the dedicated, skilled employees who provide them, and making this a recovery not just for the uber-rich in our state—but for all of us.

The coronavirus outbreak is already causing huge economic disruption and is a grave threat to the stability of state and local government finances.

Funding for public services has taken a huge hit in recent years. Staffing in public health and other agencies never rebounded after the Great Recession.

Now, our health care workers, corrections officers, school employees and others are dealing with overwhelming demand as they try to protect their neighbors.

It’s time for our elected leaders to come through – to make sure we have the supplies, equipment and testing needed on the ground immediately.

Congress is working on a stimulus bill right now. We have to make our voices heard, or it will end up as a bailout for businesses instead of a lifeline for working people.

Tell Congress: Fund the Front Lines!