Our union has provided information to help IT employees navigate the new IT structure. The new structure was implemented on July 1, 2019.

Across the nation, women are creating change for working families more than ever before. The Women’s Leadership Academy is ready to train more AFSCME women to be leaders of that change.

This year's convention theme, "The Future Is Ours," came to life as delegates of the 48th Biennial Convention debated resolutions and amendments, created a roadmap for the work we must do, and elected our next team of officers.

Congratulations to the newly elected leaders of AFSCME Council 28:

Mike Yestramski, President
Andrea Vaughn, Vice President
Tracy Stanley, Secretary
Paula Lukaszek, Treasurer

It’s not a secret that drug prices in the United States are rising much faster than inflation. To take but one example: between 2002 and 2013, the price of insulin, a hormone that saves millions of lives every year, more than tripled.

This September, with the help of WFSE activist member Tommy Fuglestad, we’ve taken to social media to celebrate and explore Deaf culture. We’ve learned about how to make communicating easier for our Deaf union siblings, had a laugh with some comics about life as a Deaf person, and learned more about Deaf folks’ perspectives at work.

WFSE connected with Fuglestad to get his perspective on Deaf Awareness Month, being a Deaf union member, and how hearing people can be better allies.

In a testament to collective power, the State of Washington Assistant Attorneys General (AAGs) have voted 96% in favor of ratifying their first collective bargaining agreement.

Together, WFSE and the Washington Association of Assistant Attorneys General (AWAAG) formed an initial agreement with management that provides a strong foundation to address parity, transparency and predictability.

This just in: After two years of bargaining, WFSE's UW members have overwhelmingly ratified the final piece of their 2019-2021 contract.

Once the UW management rejected the "contingent" funding provided by the Legislature, the parties returned to the table to bargain over what funding was indeed provided by the Legislature.

The latest Agreement, which provides a lump sum of $700 for full time employees and $125 for part time workers, also must be approved by the Legislature.

We did it!

At 1:46 a.m. Saturday morning, we reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the State of Washington for our first contract as a recognized union.

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Download the full TA.