How We Make Endorsements
No workforce has more at stake in decisions made by elected officials. That’s why we support candidates who support public workers.
  • Union members decide who our union endorses by interviewing and evaluating candidates.
  • We don’t tell members who to vote for; instead, we tell members which candidates are better on state employee issues.
  • We focus on what unites us: wages, benefits, job security, working conditions, outsourcing, and collective bargaining.                                                       
Election Day is August 6 – Don’t Miss It.

Current Endorsements

Senator Liz Lovelett poses in front of dark background.Senator Liz Lovelett
Endorsed by AFSCME Council 28/WFSE
About the Candidate: Pro-jobs, Pro-family, Pro-community

Senator Lovelett is a fifth generation Anacortes resident currently representing the 40th legislative district. She served on the city council for five years before her appointment to the state senate in February, 2019. As a mother and legislator, she’s focused on making Washington a sustainable place to live and work. 100% pro-union voting record.

  • Speaks up for public employees
  • A leader on fixing our state’s regressive tax code
  • An advocate for social services and affordable housing Supports fair wages and secure pensions for state employees