RTC Area Reports

AUG 2018

A demand to bargain meeting was held to discuss the possible contracting out of the college’s bookstore. Impacted bargaining unit members will remain within the bargaining unit if the College does proceed with contracting out. There are no foreseen changes to hours of work, location or core duties.

The Union has been notified of the College’s intent to install security cameras at their new location across from the Renton Transit Center.

JULY 2018

Contracting out bookstore demand to bargain scheduled for August 1.

JUNE 2018

The union has been notified about RTC’s intent to install two 360 degree camera on the first floor of the Atrium and 2nd floor atrium of building I.   Neither camera will be installed in offices, will be video only (not audio capable) and will not be used to monitor employees.  Signage would be posted indicating that cameras are in use and would be installed prior to cameras going live. The notification is out for review by members.

APRIL 2018

Renton Vocational & Technical College: The union has been notified of the implementation of summer hours. Employees will have the option of alternative schedules. Details are currently out for review by members.