Leadership Center



Members are the key to the union’s growth and success. They participate in many ways such as setting contract priorities, serving on bargaining teams, participating in political caucuses/events and advocating in community concerns.

Members are elected to serve in various council and local level leadership positions. Many members volunteer to serve as shop stewards and serve on committees.

Members use local-level elections to choose their leaders: local officers and executive board members.  Local-level elections also select delegates and alternates to council-level policy committees, our council’s biennial convention, and to the AFSCME International convention.  


  • President Mike Yestramski, Local 793
  • Vice President Andrea Vaughn, Local 948
  • Secretary Tracy Stanley, Local 1400
  • Treasurer Paula Lukaszek, Local 1488


The Council Executive Board is the body that is charged with carrying forward the resolutions approved at the WFSE/AFSCME biennial convention and conducting the business of the membership between conventions. Council Policy Committee members elect representatives from their committee to the council-level Executive Board. The Executive Board meets meets every two months, but may schedule special meetings to deal with urgent matters.

Members are of the Executive Board include Officers and the following elected representatives:

Don Malo, Local 1299, Wenatchee
Sean Raybell, Local 53, Tacoma
Billy Smith, Local 53, Tacoma

Loretta Gutierrez, Local 304, Auburn
Cynthia Powers, Local 1221, Spokane
Kati Thompson, Local 443, Olympia

Dan Andreason, Local 1060, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham
Steffan Carter, Local 3488, University of Washington, Seattle
Salvador Castillo, Local 1488, University of Washington, Seattle
Diane Ellis, Local 304, Seattle College District, Seattle
Tommy Fuglestad, Local 304, Seattle College District, Seattle
Dawn Hawes, Local 931, Eastern Washington University, Cheney
Charles Howell, Local 1488, University of Washington, Seattle
Kathy Kees, Local 931, Eastern Washington University, Cheney
John McClung, Local 1488, University of Washington, Seattle
Max Phipps, Local 1020, Everett Community College, Everett
Theresa Sullivan, Local 1221, Community Colleges of Spokane, Spokane
Craig Walker, Local 931, Eastern Washington University, Cheney

Lesli Younger, Local 931, Eastern Washington University, Cheney

Kizzy Andreason, Local 1060, DCYF, Bellingham
Kevin Allen, Local 843, DSHS, Federal Way
Ken Blair, Local 443, DSHS, Tumwater
Amy Conklin, Local 948, DCYF, Everett
Cindy English, Local 53, DSHS, Tacoma
Kodi Gaddis, Local 443, DSHS, Olympia
Kristina Johnson-Short, Local 1054, DCYF, Colville 
Giovanna Larrea, Local 313, DSHS, Vancouver
Thais Marbles, Local 843, DSHS, Seattle
Jeannette Obelcz, Local 843, DCYF, Kent
Aminata Salisbury, Local 1221, DSHS, Spokane Valley 
Steve Segall, Local 443, DSHS, Tumwater
Carol Van Arnam, Local 1299, DSHS, Wenatchee

Kimberly Adams, Local 843, DSHS, Seattle
Brittany Barber, Local 491, DSHS, Buckley
Norma Castro, Local 341, DSHS, Shoreline
Kimberly Cogswell, Local 782, DSHS, Medical Lake
Dave Greenman, Local 341, DSHS, Shoreline
Cindy Hall, Local 573, DSHS, Medical Lake
John Henson, Local 793, DSHS, Lakewood
Rick Hertzog, Local 793, DSHS, Lakewood 
Aleasha Hodgson, Local 573, DSHS, Medical Lake 
Jason Molzahn, Local 491, DSHS, Buckley 
Julianne Moore, Local 1326, DSHS, Selah
James Robinson, Local 793, DSHS, Lakewood 
Eliga Sacks, Local 793, DSHS, Steilacoom
Laurel Trammell, Local 948, DSHS, Lynnwood 
Dianne Womack, Local 782, DSHS, Medical Lake 
Steven Yates, Local 491, DSHS, Buckley

Perry Gordon, Local 443, Tumwater 
Ken Grubb, Local 443, Tumwater 
Chuck Pirtle, Local 1181, Silverdale 
Carmyn Shute, Local 443, Tumwater

Duane Dahlke, Local 1466, Parks, Wenatchee 
Llyn Doremus, Local 1221, Ecology, Spokane 
Bill Drath, Local 1466, Parks, Port Townsend 
Daniel Hueston, Local 1253, Ecology, Richland 
Diana Ruth Olegre, Local 872, Ecology, Lacey

Leroy Mould, Local 1671, Interpreters, Lacey
Quan Tran, Local 1671, Interpreters, Brush Prairie 

Steve Fries, Local 1299, Ephrata
Justin Tverberg, Local 1299, Okanogan 
Mitchell Uhler, Local 2559, Vancouver 
Georgina Willner, Local 443, Tumwater

Shanna Alvarez, Local 1299, Health Care Authority, Othello
Wendy Conway, Local 443, Insurance Commissioner, Tumwater
Linda Erickson, Local 443, Health Care Authority, Olympia
Jaymin Kapsandy, Local 443, Enterprise Services, Olympia
Kimberly La Flash, Local 443, Health Care Authority, Olympia
Scott Mallery, Local 1221, Department of Health, Spokane Valley
Ben Olsen, Local 304, Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals, Seattle
Shawn Thomas, Local 443, Department of Health, Tumwater


Policy Committee members define and work through issues unique to their area of work before forwarding requests for action (in the form of resolutions) to the Council 28 executive board.

Our policy committees are: Corrections, Employment Security, Human Services, Institutions, Higher Education, Labor and Industries, Unified State Agencies (formally Miscellaneous), Natural Resources, Public Service and Transportation. Council 28 policy committee members also elect representatives from their committee to the council’s Executive Board.  

Our ten policy committees are:

Corrections Policy Committee
Chair Andrew Page (Local 313)
Vice Chair Alice Rogers (Local 1253)
Secretary Steven Dalton (Local 308)

Employment Security Policy Committee
Chair Joanne Bird (Local 443)
Vice Chair Ashley Fueston (Local 443)
Secretary Rhetta Barker (Local 53)

Higher Education Policy Committee
Chair Joe Davenport (Local 1488)
Vice Chair John McClung (Local 1488)
Secretary Glorianne Bora (Local 1020)

Human Services Policy Committee
Chair Kodi Gaddis (Local 443)
Vice Chair Steve Segall (Local 443)
Secretary Kizzy Andreason (Local 1060)

Institutions Policy Committee
Chair Dianne Womack (Local 782)
Vice Chair Michele Stelovich (Local 1060)
Secretary Kimberly Cogswell (Local 782)

Labor and Industries Policy Committee
Chair Charles Pirtle (Local 1181)
Vice Chair Nicole Butler (Local 443)
Secretary Nahaci Torres-Moyer (Local 443)

Natural Resources Policy Committee
Chair Llyn Doremus (Local 1221)
Vice Chair Denis Felton (Local 1466)
Secretary Diana Ruth Olegre (Local 872)

Public Service Policy Committee
Chair America Bradley, Chair (Local 1671)
Vice Chair Jesus Rodriguez (Local 1671)
Secretary Melvin Mould (Local 1671)

Transportation Policy Committee
Chair Steven Fries (Local 1299)
Vice Chair Georgina Willner (Local 443)
Secretary Mitchell Uhler (Local 2559)

Unified State Agencies Policy Committee
Chair Ben Olsen (Local 443)
Vice Chair Scott Mallery (Local 1221)
Secretary Wendy Conway (Local 443)


WFSE/AFSCME’s highest governing body is the convention of the membership held in odd-numbered years. Locals elect union members as delegates and alternates to attend and represent them at the convention.

At Convention, the delegates elect the council’s four officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer), formulate policies for the next biennium, and consider any amendments to the Council 28 constitution. The 2017 Biennial Convention is scheduled for October.


The highest governing body of the union is AFSCME’s convention of the membership. It is held in even-numbered years.

AFSCME’s Locals from across the country convene to elect officers, formulate policies and consider resolutions and amendments to the International constitution.

Read AFSCME’s Constitution at AFSCME.org > Publications