Support the Foundation for Working Families with this Book by Tim Probst

Unions have long been a source of strength for working families when times are tough—and times are tough now. Former Washington Representative Tim Probst is offering the royalties of his newly released book, Joe Lake Journal, to the Foundation for Working Families (FFWF) from now till 7/21/20.

Click the screenshot to hear more about Joe Lake Journal.

Founded by WFSE to provide support to union families going through crises, the FFWF has provided union-funded disaster relief grants to union members across our state through floods, house fires, economic disaster, and now COVID-19.

A straight-forward plan with heart to forge a better future for all Americans, Joe Lake Journal avoids partisanship and returns to values and principles we can all support: “Love, competence, family, purpose, and a sense of adventure.”

Purchase a copy of Joe Lake Journal​ before from now till 7/21/20 to explore a more just and prosperous way forward and support working families.