PSERS, Privacy, Interpreters bills pass hurdle

Three of our priority bills pass

BULLETIN: The state House late Monday morning (Feb. 12) passed our priority bill (SHB 1558) to expand the Public Safety Employees Retirement System (PSERS) to institutions workers in high-risk jobs. The vote was 89-9. SHB 1558 now goes to the Senate. The bill would give state institutions workers doing high-risk jobs the same recognition on retirement as other public workers in dangerous jobs.

Meanwhile over the weekend, the Senate passed two other priority bills: the date-of-birth privacy bill and the interpreter services bill.

The state Senate on Saturday (Feb. 10) took a stand in support of state employee safety and security. The Senate passed SB 6079 to keep our dates of birth private on a vote of 25-22. SB 6079 now goes to the House.

And the Senate on Friday night (Feb. 9) also stood up for expanding our cost-effective interpreter services to cover services covered by other agencies. The Senate passed the Interpreter Services bill (2SSB 6245) on a vote of 31-16. It now goes to the House.