Legislative Session Is Approaching - Register for a Lobby Day!

Safety, Privacy, Outsourcing Among Issues Up for Debate

The Washington State Legislature will convene on January 13, 2020, and no workforce has more at stake in the decisions they will make. Several important bills affecting public employees will be up for debate, including outsourcing, the disclosure of employees' birth dates, and more.

Legislators need to hear from you.

Register for our January 11 member Lobby Day Training.

As individuals we are powerless, but through our union we have a voice.  WFSE has the most vibrant member lobbying program in the state.  Every year hundreds of WFSE members travel to Olympia and speak directly with their representatives.  Nobody knows better than we do about the importance of the services we provide, and nobody can advocate better for us than we do.  Together, we make a real difference.

Join Us at the Capitol

Take a look at our calendar and sign up today for a lobby day. 

We—the public employees who do the work—are the experts. We can tell the story about how we serve the public every day, about the resources we need to be able to provide these critical services, and about the importance of being able to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce. Lobby training is a fun way to learn how to get engaged and be an effective advocate for the public, our families and for ourselves.