Legislative & Political Action Phone Banking

No workforce has more at stake in decisions made by elected officials. That is why we care so much about who is elected to go to Olympia to serve in elected office. 

As election day approaches and the severity of the budget crisis becomes more clear, we’re bringing back Movement Mondays and WFSE Wednesdays!

Register for any phone bank below to educate fellow WFSE members about:

  • Registering to vote
  • Supporting elected officials that are strong on state employee issues
  • Our candidate endorsement process
  • Opportunities to join Movement Mondays and WFSE Wednesdays 

We need all hands on deck to get candidates elected that will reject an austerity budget. 


9/14, Monday
9/16, Wednesday
9/21, Monday
9/23, Wednesday
9/28, Monday
9/30, Wednesday


10/5, Monday
10/7, Wednesday
10/12, Monday
10/14, Wednesday
10/19, Monday
10/21, Wednesday
10/26, Monday
10/28, Wednesday


11/2, Monday