It pays to be 100% Union

Victory for represented Consolidated Support Services (CSS) Carpenters and Painters and for Union rights.

In early June our union (WFSE) learned that Eastern State Hospital’s administration contracted with Great Floors to have the basement flooring in ESH’s Eastlake building replaced. 

Eastern State Hospital failed to meet contractual and statutory obligations before contracting out union bargaining unit work. WFSE staff worked with management to informally resolve the issue and reached a settlement that awards 14 union carpenters and painters 14.5 hours pay at Consolidated Support Services (CSS).

Additionally, DSHS labor relations will provide training on contracting out to ESH administration.

Pictured:  CSS members (L to R) Plumber Daus Wellhausen,  Painter Supervisor Emmy Woods, Electrician Ben Groce  (CMO UMCC members after our 3rd quarter UMCC at Green Hill School)