IT Class Study update

CLASS STUDY Information Technology

May 2018 Update

How did we get here?

In June 2017 the Office of Financial Management Labor Relations Section sent WFSE formal notice of their intent to implement the class study, which WFSE responded to by filing a “demand to bargain.” This ensures our Union has a voice in the impacts of this study throughout the process. You can find previous IT Class Study updates here:

What is happening now?

Our Union has been meeting with the employer over bargaining the many facets of implementing this new classification structure. This includes bargaining over everything from minor updates to impacted “non-IT” classification specifications, how this new structure impacts, or aligns with, various terms and conditions in our contracts, and the IT structure and the salary assigned to the new IT classifications within it. To date, we have not reached agreement but we continue to exchange proposals. We’re fighting for real solutions to the recruitment and retention issues facing the IT sector and that includes meaningful changes in wages for our members and an updated structure that reflects the important work you do.

I’m impacted, what should I do?

Get educated and get involved! There are many resources available to you on the WFSE website at to help stay up to date on what is happening and the various “job families” within the new IT structure.

You can also find information at

What are the next steps?

Our Union is awaiting a counter proposal from the Employer which we expect at our next meeting on May 31, 2018. More to come!

The team for this DTB is DeFrance Clarke, Sue Henricksen, Rodney Kluever, Max Phipps, Tracy Stanley, Lesli Younger, Beth Mason, and WFSE Staff Teresa Parsons and Amy Spiegel.