Does Your Legislator Know? Join the People First Sign Campaign!

Does your legislator know why it's critical to fund your job? Do they know who is affected when caseloads balloon or funding for basic services is slashed?

UW member leader Tirhas Beraki puts People First. Be like Tirhas.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. In our union, we want Washington to put People First. Download a sign and fill it out with your reason to put People First.

Send us a selfie with this People First sign, and we'll post it to social media so our communities and lawmakers know our stories.

No one can tell your story like you. That's why our union works hard to connect you with the decision-makers who vote on funding your job—and the services and support Washington needs for a fair recovery from the pandemic.

Putting People First means fair taxes and asking the ultra-rich billionaires in our state to do their part and pay their share. It means job security for the hard-working public employees keeping kids safe, hospitals clean, and so much more.

What does it mean to you? Download the sign here, write why People First matters to you, take a selfie, and tag us on social media @wfsec28— or send it in to [email protected] and we'll post it for you.