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Affordable housing legislation announced

1/10/18  Rep. Nicole Macri (43rd Dist.) at Seattle rally Tuesday (Dec. 5) announces she’s introducing legislation on affordable housing – after hearing the stories of WFSE/AFSCME members whose rent has gone up $600 a month in the past two years. 

Macri said 60 percent of her constituents are renters. Her bill would remove the state’s prohibition against rent control. It would allow local governments to enact rent controls, something they can’t do now because of state law.

“The state must work with local partners in order to really move the needle on housing affordability,” Macri said at the Freeway Park rally.

She thanked WFSE/AFSCME members who came to her for action.

“The gains that have been made at the bargaining table have been universally lost to the housing market,” Macri said.

Macri’s affordable housing bill now joins the regional compensation effort won by WFSE/AFSCME at the General Government and Community College Coalition bargaining tables. Formally known as a memorandum of understanding, it ensures the discussion of regional compensation continues. 

Not until the crisis of housing is addressed can any of us live with a real sense of dignity

12/6/17  From “(B)y impeding worker mobility and recruitment, “too-stringent housing regulations in high-wage, high-productivity cities” have resulted in “slower economic growth, fewer jobs,” “lower wages across the nation,” and ultimately “forgone gross domestic product” of $1.4 trillion.”

From the Seattle Times: Want a home in Seattle area? You’ll need an $11,000 raise

The Puget Sound region led the nation in home-price increases again, the 13th straight month that’s happened. In practical terms, buyers need to be making a lot more money to afford a mortgage.