Affordable housing bill introduced


Rep. Nicole Macri’s affordable housing bill inspired by Federation members who no longer can afford to live where they work was introduced Tuesday (Jan. 9).

House Bill 2583, sponsored by Macri of the 43rd Dist., has been referred to the House Community Development, Housing and Tribal Affairs Committee. Macri is vice chair of that committee.

Macri’s affordable housing bill declares

“there is a housing emergency throughout Washington state. Safe, accessible and affordable housing is a cornerstone of a civil and human society. Yet, because of steep rent costs, thousands of families throughout our state do not have access to this fundamental human necessity.”

That crisis has hurt businesses because workers look for jobs closer to where they can afford to live. The lack of affordable housing causes more homelessness, a burden on local school districts, cities, counties and other local governments.

Yet, it’s state law that has tied the hands of local governments and HB 2583 would fix that.

Macri’s bill would give local governments the freedom to address the crisis in affordable housing by abolishing the statewide bans on local laws that regulate rent.

This is one of the Federation’s major priorities in the 2018 legislative session. And Lobby Days are a great way for member advocates to tell their stories directly to legislators about the need for HB 2583. Sign up at: