2020 Legislators' Voting Record: Who Walked the Walk?

You’ve heard it before.

No workforce in the state of Washington has more at stake in decisions made by the legislature than public employees. That’s why we want you to know which legislators walked the walk and voted to support public employees—and which didn’t.

The good news is, legislators work for us. They go to Olympia to represent the voters, and we choose who will be reelected.

When we get down to brass tacks, which legislators are truly supportive of public services and the people who provide them? 

Check out For the Record, WFSE’s 2019-20 legislator “report card,” to see how each legislator voted on issues that matter most to public employees—issues like keeping your birthdate private, expanding collective bargaining rights for hardworking public interpreters, and creating accountability in outsourcing.

In this legislative biennium, WFSE members turned out and made sure our top bills passed. Some legislators were heroes and had our backs at every turn during the legislative session—and some voted “no” on every key bill for public employees. Let’s be sure we know where Washington’s politicians stand as we head into the election season.

Our top four “hero” legislators from the 2019-20:

  • Representative Zach Hudgins (D-11) – Prime sponsor of House Bill 1888
  • Senator Sam Hunt (D-22) – Advocated for House Bill 1888
  • Representative Laurie Dolan (D-22) – Prime sponsor of House Bill 1521
  • Representative Mia Gregerson (D-33) – Crucial in getting House Bill 1888 out of committee

Four legislators who unfortunately did not support any of our key bills:

  • Representative Chris Corry (R-14) — 0% 2019-2020 voting record
  • Representative Tom Dent (R-13) — 0% 2019-2020 voting record
  • Representative Jeremie Dufault (R-15) — 0% 2019-2020 voting record
  • Senator Jim Honeyford (R-15) — 0% 2019-2020 voting record 

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