See how much so-called "right-to-work" is going to cost your family

This is real. Use our online Lost Wage Calculator to see how much you'd lose if the Supreme Court brings Wisconsin-style empty promises to our state.

Because when they did this in Wisconsin, they promised it would raise pay. Guess what? They lied.

To see how much so-called "right-to-work" will cost your family in Washington, click the box below:

RTW Calculator

Right-to-work (RTW) is expected to become law nationwide in 2018 due to a pending Supreme Court ruling in JANUS v. AFSCMEREAD USA Today article.

RTW brought serious impacts to other states, like Wisconsin. When RTW laws went into effect in Wisconsin, the power of working people to fight for fair wages and working conditions was weakened.

Our ability to collectively stand for retirement security and affordable healthcare negatively impacted.

As a result, union workers in Wisconsin lost wages, affordable health insurance and many lost their jobs. Their power to negotiate and enforce contracts was lost.

 “They didn’t get raises when this happened in Wisconsin. State employees got pay cuts and, in some cases, lost their jobs. After Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican Legislature imposed ‘right-to-work’ laws, they cut state employment by increasing caseloads and cut wages by the equivalent of 8-10 percent in take-home pay by increasing employee contributions to health care and pension benefits.” Source: The Stand (10/19/17)

This calculator provides a way for you to compare your wages and benefits to our counterparts in Wisconsin so you can clearly measure the value of union membership. Use the link below to compare how your wages and benefits would have been affected by RTW in Wisconsin.

RTW Calculator

Membership is how we maintain power

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