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In June 2018, staff at the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) were certified as members of our union, making history by becoming the first conservation district in the state to o

Our union has provided information to help guide IT employees as the state transitions to a new IT structure.

We sat down with Senator Patty Kuderer to shine a light on why public employees should support her Senate seat in LD48 (Bellevue).


We witnessed her unapologetic advocacy for people. Yes people. Senator Kuderer is in politics to help people and that begins with a laser sharp focus on education and healthcare.

At AFSCME’s urging, the U.S. House has passed a student-loan repayment bill that will help those who provide substance-abuse treatment throughout the country. Our union is now focused on making sure the bill passes the U.S. Senate and is fully funded.

Negotiated Policies to Date

Below is a running list of the policies our Union and DCYF management have finished bargaining over. The documents are the marked up, draft outcomes of those discussions and formatting and other updates will be made.


Have you ever wondered how our union makes decisions about who to endorse in political campaigns?

There’s some misleading chatter floating online about unions, dues and politics. So let’s dive in and explore
how political endorsements are made at AFSCME Council 28 (WFSE).

When people ask if our union engages in politics, we say “Yes! We do.”

That’s because no workforce anywhere has more at stake in decisions made by elected officials, who decide our wages, our benefits, our job security and our working conditions.