Sign Petition to Support TCD Staff

In June 2018, staff at the Thurston Conservation District (TCD) were certified as members of our union, making history by becoming the first conservation district in the state to organize! But their struggle is not over. Right now, workers are preparing to fight for a strong contract, and we need to take action today to put an end to workplace bullying and protect the vital services district staff provide to our community.

In July 2018, the WSCC released a report that meticulously documents the actions of two Board of Supervisors, and recommends their removal. The report states that the Board Chair and Board Auditor exhibited neglect and malfeasance on a wide variety of issues, including the use of a supervisory position to obtain special privileges, failing to comply with laws and rules of the state, and inappropriate conduct towards staff. The findings validate the concerns which led TCD staff to join our union.

The release of this study was a huge step forward, but it came six weeks overdue. Nearly six months have passed since it was released, and the mismanagement of the district continues to take its toll. To date, the TCD has: lost an estimated $990,000 in funding; seen an additional $325,000 in potential/still pending DOE funding voted against; and seen another $240,000 in funding frozen by agencies that want to see change. That amounts to ~$1,555,000 lost or delayed. For context, that’s 91% of the TCD’s 2017 Annual Budget. 

The TCD needs a new direction now, before this crisis gets any worse.

We need to organize alongside staff to ensure that action is taken on February 20, the earliest possible date.

Our members deserve safe working conditions, and the community deserves a well-funded and functioning district.

Note: This TCD solidarity petition has been updated! Please sign and share again if you have already responded.

Thank you for supporting your fellow state employees and their community. We’re stronger together!