Well wishes from Local 1671

Dear L&I interpreters,

We are overjoyed to learn that your organizing drive has started in earnest. As you know, Senate Bill 6245 that passed last winter granted you the right to hold an election to decide whether or not you want to form a union. If you succeed in getting enough eligible interpreters to vote in favor of forming a union, then you will have a union. That same bill also allows you to elect your own bargaining team members to negotiate a contract with the state of Washington.

At some point down the road, you will have to decide whether you would prefer to form your own local, join other geographically based locals or join Local 1671 - a statewide local of freelance interpreters. Please rest assured that Local 1671 will support whatever decision you will make because we trust that you, L&I interpreters, know what is best for you all.

Your colleagues who wish you the best,

Local 1671 Executive Board

President Leroy Mould
Vice-president Quan Tran
Secretary Milena Calderari-Waldron
Treasurer Olga Cepeda
District 1 Chair SW WA Gabriela Arreguin Y 
District 2 Chair Olympic Pa. Pastora Hernandez 
District 3 Chair Pierce Co. Mireya Figueroa 
District 4 Chair South King Co. Aida Sanchez-Vela 
District 5 Chair North King Co. Gabriel Oseguera 
District 6 Chair Cora Leigh 
District 8 Chair Central WA Anastacio Lepe 
District 9 Chair SE WA Ynez Vargas 
District 10 Chair NE WA Jessica Coffler-Suarez

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