Updated April 2018

ABHS 12/9/16  The Employer notified us that they had, after canceling the bargaining session scheduled for 12/15/16, unilaterally implemented their last proposal under the guise of the emergency clause in the contract. The grievance over this issue has been filed to arbitration and was scheduled for hearing on 12/14/17. A continuance has been granted and a new date of April 19th has been confirmed.

ABHS 2/3/17 - Notice was received (after the fact) that the Employer was awarded the CJC Outpatient contract by DOC. This is a new body of work that adds additional employees to the company. A DTB has been filed on this issue and this is now being addressed through contract negotiations. 

ABHS 9/21/17 – Notice was received of ABHS’s intent to revise the negotiated Attire & Appearance Policy. A DTB was filed on 9/26/17. We have received no communication from the employer since the original email, however it is anticipated that this will now be addressed through contract negotiations.

AHBS – We were informed by membership that the employer was seeking personal driving records from members for mileage reimbursement purposes. We have informed the employer that this change requires notice and bargaining and are awaiting that notice. As of 2/28/18, no notice has been received.