WFSE Local 443

At a time when our country needs real investments in infrastructure, education and public services, congressional leaders 

WFSE members overwhelmingly ratified 2019-2021 contracts today when voting closed at 5pm.

"The hard work of our bargaining teams, and advocacy of our members resulted in h


Negotiation of the 2019-2021 Tentative Agreement between the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) General Government (GG) and the

Congrats to our new 2nd Vice President and former Secretary, Nikki Butler (LNI)! YAY NIKKI!!!

BTW - We are looking for a new Secretary! LOL!

As union members, we're stronger together. Union membership equals fair pay, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. 

See how much so-called "right-To-work" is going to cost your family. This is real. Use our online Lost Wage Calculator to see how much you'd lose if the Supreme Court brings Wisconsin-style empty promises to our state.

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