WFSE Local 443

Local 443 has elected Wendy Conway 1st VP and now 2nd VP is vacant. We elected Maria Pedersen Trustee Position One.

Fair Pay and Real Opportunity Day of Action

Statewide Unity Breaks Aug 9

Fair pay and

The Janus case was an attempt to deliver a knockout blow to millions of working people and their families who looked to the Supreme Court as an independent institution that advances equal

Miranda Dwyer, Labor and Industries, receives a $500 Elsie Schrader grant in aid scholarship at the May 2018 General Membership meeting.

As union members, we're stronger together. Union membership equals fair pay, affordable healthcare, and a secure retirement. 

See how much so-called "right-To-work" is going to cost your family. This is real. Use our online Lost Wage Calculator to see how much you'd lose if the Supreme Court brings Wisconsin-style empty promises to our state.

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