IT Restructuring

Our union has provided information to help guide IT employees as the state transitions to a new IT structure. The new structure will be implemented in July of this year (subject to funding by the legislature).

This restructuring will result in changes to IT job classifications. All IT employees should understand the new structure, the documents necessary for appealing reallocation decisions, and the key dates involved in this transition.

If you have any questions about your position or these changes, please contact the Member Connection Center at 1-833-MCC-WFSE (833-622-9373).

Download the following documents for more information:


The New IT Professional Structure

Know the facts

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When will I know my new IT job family and level?

Many IT Position Descriptions (PDs) have already been submitted to State HR for review, and agencies are starting to share the preliminary results with IT employees.

Official notification of an IT position’s reallocation is expected closer to July 1. 

What if I don’t agree with my new IT family or level—or placement in a paraprofessional or non-IT job class?
  1. Request a copy of the IT PD used to evaluate your position.
  2. Have a conversation with your supervisor to ensure your IT PD accurately reflects your duties and responsibilities (in the event your agency is able to resubmit to State HR before July 1).
  3. Be ready to appeal the official notification of your position’s allocation when you receive it. Download the Request for Director's Review form here.

In any case, proactively document your position’s duties and responsibilities to convey the technical knowledge required of the work, scope of responsibility and impact on systems, as well as level of problem solving and decision-making. 

Use the reference documents on our union website to capture the duties and responsibilities. You can use these documents to discuss updating your IT PD with your supervisor or to describe your work if you file an appeal (Director's Review).  

It is the official notification that you can appeal by filing a Director’s Review if you disagree with the determination.

The state's notification should include appeal rights, but that is not a given, so you will need to be looking for the official notification.  The appeal to the Director’s review must be filed within 30 days of notification.  If in doubt, file the request to preserve timelines.    

What if I don’t agree with my current job class and want to challenge this before my new job class is finalized?

You have the right to request a position review using a position review request form (PRR). Download the position review request form here.​

Submitting a PRR is the mechanism by which an employee can initiate their own reallocation process if they do not believe their position is appropriately allocated.  See Article 41.3 of the CBA.

Note:  If a PRR is filed between now and July 1, the review will be based on the current job classes (e.g. ITS 1-6).

Will I be able to request a position review after July 1?

Yes.  The right to request a position review will still exist after July 1 (see Article 41.3 of the CBA). Note:  If a PRR is filed after July 1, the review will be based on the new IT class structure and other job classifications in place at that time.

New IT Professional Structure

Learning the new system in Olympia: More than 100 IT employees turned out for the Jan. 17 union town hall to discuss the upcoming transition to the new IT professional structure.