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Safety, Privacy, Outsourcing Among Issues Up for Debate

WFSE President Mike Yestramski and Congressperson Kim Schrier met this week in Seattle to discuss the swelling wage gap, Americans’ inability to afford soaring drug costs and the workplace violence

Last year, after nearly 25 years of working hard at her job at the University of Michigan, Deborah Van Horn was forced out of work by health issues and soon found herself in need of financial assistance.

“I was put on disability, but after a while you only get about 50 percent of your normal wages,” she recounts. “It was important to me to cover general expenses and keep my credit in good standing.”

Last week WFSE welcomed new Mental Health Practitioner Leads and Mental Health Practitioner Clinical Specialists at the Harborview Medical Center to our union. The workers came together for a voice on the job, rallying around issues of discrimination, safety, and fair pay.

They join the rising tide of AFSCME’s United We Heal campaign, elevating the voices and needs of the workers who are striving to modernize an industry that has long lagged behind modern needs.

EMS Week is a time to recognize the sacrifices that EMS professionals make for their communities and to honor these skilled heroes who rush into danger when we need them most. AFSCME EMS professionals play an essential role in the emergency response system, but their stories—and the wounds they suffer on the job—are often overlooked.

Members of AFSCME’s law enforcement community take countless risks to keep our communities safe. When those brave heroes make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, our obligation is to never forget them.

National Police Week is a time to honor fallen law enforcement officers, as well as a time for the law enforcement community to stand in solidarity with each other.

Tim Hughes was a union activist, a storyteller, and a family man. Friends and collaborators from AFSCME Council 28/WFSE remember his kindness and his dedication to improving the lives of working people.

During National Nurses Week, we celebrate the heroes who, with skill and compassion, care for the sick. This year, we’re honoring their hard work and dedication by supporting the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act, a bill that seeks to raise the bar on safety standards and protect nurses from preventable incidents of violence at work.