Thursday after 10 p.m., the WFSE General Government Bargaining Team reached a 2021-2023 tentative agreement with the state of Washington that secures a future for 30,000 + state workers and the mil

Join our campaign to educate and mobilize WFSE members and our allies on the need for revenue reform, institutional change, and an investment in public services.

No workforce has more at stake in the decisions made by elected officials. Too much is on the line.

Big news as two more priority bills pass

It was a late Monday and early Tuesday at the Capitol as the House passed two more of our priority bills – the part-time employees bill and the Taxpayer Protection Act.

The House Monday night (Feb. 12) passed the bill to leave no doubt and add part-time state employees to civil service. HB 2669 passed on a vote of 50-47. It now goes to the Senate.

Vancouver senator gives poignant floor speech as she rebukes critics of unions and working families

Sen. Annette Cleveland of the 49th Dist. in Vancouver showed courage and conviction when on Saturday (Feb. 10) she took to the floor of the state Senate in Olympia to reject the divisive debate on legislation our opponents railed because it would help workers and the people they serve.

Three of our priority bills pass

BULLETIN: The state House late Monday morning (Feb. 12) passed our priority bill (SHB 1558) to expand the Public Safety Employees Retirement System (PSERS) to institutions workers in high-risk jobs. The vote was 89-9. SHB 1558 now goes to the Senate. The bill would give state institutions workers doing high-risk jobs the same recognition on retirement as other public workers in dangerous jobs.

Jobs are precarious, health-care costs are skyrocketing, and wages aren’t keeping up with the cost of living—no wonder young people are organizing.

Call Legislature’s toll-free message center on three key bills

Today, we focus on three key bills that need floor votes by Feb. 14. Here goes:

The Taxpayer Protection Act (2SHB 1851), our bill to bring transparency and accountability to state contracting, is waiting for a vote of the full House.

Latest Children’s Lobby Day brings Spokane members’ message to their legislators; make plans now for Presidents' Day Lobby Day

PHOTO (left to right): Maria Tart-Van Blaricum. Lonnie Lloyd, Sandra Hilzendeger, Norm LeBlanc and Amanda Plumb.

A group of Spokane Local 1221 members from DSHS Children’s Administration were at the Capitol today for the latest CA Lobby Day.

The Local 1221 group met in the morning with their 7th Dist. Sen. Shelly Short and one of their House members, Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber.