Here comes the IT job-class restructure

As many of us know, our state is transitioning to a new IT job-class structure for state employees. If the legislature funds it, as expected, this will be implemented in July of this year.

Council 28/WFSE has resources for IT professionals to learn more, and, if necessary, to appeal changes to IT job classifications.

Prepared and proactive

Our IT job classifications will change, and knowing about the changes will help us prepare. Look to your Ecology Local 872 calendar for updates on Town Hall events, and see here for other resources.

Are you in the right class?

As the process of transition moves forward, many of us are receiving preliminary notice of what our new job classifications may be. Final notices are expected nearer to the July 1 date of transition. If you need to catch up on your knowledge the Job-class "families" that the new structure uses, this Overview of the IT Job Class "Families"can help. If you want to appeal your classification, we have other resources below.

  • The Evaluator Handbook is being used by the state to evaluate and allocate IT positions within the new IT job class structure.
  • Request for Director's Review form​ can help you to appeal the official notification of a position reallocation. 
  • Position Review Request form​ is for employees to initiate their own reallocation process.
  • IT Position Description & Class is a presentation that shows how you can build a strong IT position description, including a summary of the process used to determine your new job class, and definitions of terms being used.

Remember, the Member Connection Center—1-833-MCC-WFSE  (833-622-9373—can connect you to stewards and council representatives to help you with questions and guidance.

Our union has our backs

Council 28/WFSE has been working with state HR representatives throughout the whole process and is committed to supporting us through the transition. Our union bargained a Memorandum of Understanding with the state Office of Financial Management with many wins for state employees in this transition.

Printable resources

Appeal tips

You can appeal the official notification by filing a Director’s Review if you disagree with the determination. The first step is to proactively document your position’s duties and responsibilities to convey the technical knowledge required of the work, scope of responsibility and impact on systems, as well as level of problem solving and decision-making. 

Use the reference documents on this page to capture your duties and responsibilities. You can use these documents to discuss updating your IT PD with your supervisor or to describe your work, if you file an appeal through Director's Review. 

If you don’t agree with your new job class:

  1. Request a copy of the IT PD used to evaluate your position.
  2. Have a conversation with your supervisor to ensure your IT PD accurately reflects your duties and responsibilities (in the event your agency is able to resubmit to State HR before July 1).
  3. Be ready to appeal the official notification of your position’s allocation when you receive it. Use the Request for Director's Review form.​

The state's notification should include appeal rights, but that is not a given, so you will need to be looking for the official notification.  The appeal to the Director’s Review must be filed within 30 days of notification.  If in doubt, file the request to preserve timelines.

If you don’t agree with your current job class and want to challenge this before your new job class is finalized:

You have the right to request a position review using a position review request form (PRR). Submit a PRR to initiate your reallocation process if you believe your position is not appropriately allocated. See Article 41.3 of the CBA.

If a PRR is filed between now and July 1, the review will be based on the current job classes (e.g. ITS 1-6).

If you want to request a position review after July 1:

You still have the right to request a position review after July 1 (see Article 41.3 of the CBA). If your PRR is filed after July 1, the review will be based on the new IT class structure and other job classifications in place at that time.