Local 443 2019 Elections

ELECTION UPDATE 3/19/2019: The ballots have been counted and the results of the two contested races are as follows:

Member At Large #2 - Stephen Baker
Member At Large #3 - Katie Nelson

At the January 15, 2019 General Membership Meeting candidates for our Union's elected positions were taken from the membership.  Most of the positions had only one candidate nominated.  For positions where two or more candidates were nominated, a formal election to the membership will be taking place. Below is the list of all candidates nominated for their respective positions for the coming year.

President - Wendy Conway
1st Vice President - Nikki Butler
2nd Vice President - Ashley Fueston
Secretary - Debbie Ceder
Treasurer - Carmyn Shute
Sergeant At Arms - Ken Grubb

Communication Chair - Mike  Cully
Organizing Committee Chair - Kodi Gaddis
Political Action Chair - Kati Thompson
Member At Large #1 - Steven Segall
Member At Large #2 - Stephen Baker, Nahaci Torres-Moyer
Member At Large #3 - Katie Nelson, Sarah C. Wilson

Grievance Committee - Ken Grubb, Sarah C. Wilson
Scholarship Chair - John Moelhman
Steward Chair - Tony Kennish

Trustee 1 - Maria Pederson
Trustee 2 - Justin Goodwin
Trustee 3 - Ivan Kralovensky

What happens next?
* Candidates for the two contested positions (Member At Large) have submitted statements.  They appear below.
* The Elections Committee is working with Council 28 to prepare the ballots and mail them to the membership on February 7, 2019.
* Ballots need to be RECEIVED back to Council 28 no later than 5 p.m. on February 22, 2019 to be counted.
* If you did not receive a ballot in the mail you can contact Council 28 in person before February 22, 2019 to receive one.
* The Election Committee will meet at 9 a.m. on February 23, 2019 at the Local 443 office and count the ballots. A representative for any candidate may be present while votes are being counted.
* The results of the election will be announced at a later date not yet determined.

Candidate Statements (by last name)

Stephen Baker, Department of Health
Greetings Local 443 sisters and brothers. I would be honored to represent you as your
member-at-large candidate.

I am an active participant in our union:
 30-years employee at Department of Health (DOH)
 Shop steward
 Scholarship Committee, Steward Committee, and Political Action Committee
 Also: DOH Diversity and Inclusion Council. I personally know disability, and will
work to bring awareness of this issue forward.

In order to win the struggle for the middle class, in this post-Janus era, I believe we
need to join together to build an engaged, politically-savvy, and mobilized rank and file
union membership. My promise as your candidate is, to the best of my ability, represent
the diversity of your issues to the executive board. I will do this while striving to improve
accountability, transparency, ethical conduct and effectiveness within our Union.
Have a question? Please ask me! And thank you for your support.
In solidarity, Stephen Baker.


Katie Nelson
The purpose of the Member at Large position is to give smaller agencies a
voice with the Local 443 Executive Board. As a member at large, I will
reach out to leaders of these agencies and I will work with the Organizing
Chair to develop leaders where needed. I will hear their issues. I will make
sure those issues are heard by local leadership. In the age of voluntary
dues, it is critical that every member be connected to our Union and see
the value it brings. I am a 25-year activist with WFSE. I took nine months of leave from the
state to organize and work with members in multiple agencies across the
state. This is just a touch of my experience but it is what is most important
for a Member at Large. My name is Katie Nelson and I am asking for your vote. 
Thank you.

Nahaci Torres-Moyer, L&I
Dear union brothers and sisters,

It is an absolute honor to be nominated for the position of union member at large. If elected, I will work to carry out not only our union’s mission but my personal mission of diversity inclusion, outreach and mentorship to younger generations. These are the values I’m most passionate about. I am proud of our union’s tie to Civil Rights advances and am profoundly grateful for all the visible and invisible work it takes to change the landscape of America. Thank you all for your service.

Nahaci Torres-Moyer


Sarah C. Wilson, Employment Security Department  
It is a pleasure to accept the nomination for Member-At-Large. 
I became active in the Local because of a horrible representation experience.   I did not want anyone to go through what I went through; today, things are a lot better.  One person, one voice can start the process of change.  I was that voice at my agency. I served on the first bargaining team. I am currently a 443 Executive Board Member at Large.  I take my position seriously, participating in most committees. Because of my innovative thinking, the President appointed me the chair of the Structure Committee, which is looking at ways to improve service, representation and engagement of our membership. I like to believe that I am a diverse voice on the board for all, regardless of the demographic box check.  Please vote for me so I can continue to be that diverse voice.