Union Membership Equals fair pay, affordable healthcare and retirement security.

Janus threatens to change how we stand together, but it can't change the truth: Unions stand for fair pay, affordable healthcare and retirement security and raise the bar for all workers.

  • The ‘Freedom’ Foundation is trying to get state employees’ personal contact information.
  • The Supreme Court case AFSCME v JANUS is expected to apply 'right to work' to all public sector unions.

What do these have in common? Why do they want to contact you about your Union membership? 

It’s simple.

We stand in the way. Our union protects public employees and the public good. As long as we’re strong they can’t get their hands on the billions of dollars invested each year in public services and public education.

They want to dismantle government, cut public services and outsource public jobs to the private sector. They are a front group for the ultra wealthy and funded by special interests.  Get the facts.


How do we fight back? Standing together, that's how.

Union Membership Equals