Budget Updates

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As state employees, budget decisions have a direct impact on our jobs, work conditions, benefits, and pay.  

The Washington state budget is divided into two parts: Unprotected and Protected.

Almost all Washington Federation of State Employees members work in the unprotected portion of the budget that is subject to cuts.

  • Protected - This includes things mandated by the state constitution, federal law, and other legal obligations. No matter what happens, the protected part of the budget is off-limits from any cuts. 

  • Unprotected - This portion of the budget is subject to cuts. It's where almost all WFSE members work.

That's why it's so important for WFSE members to understand the budget, and to take an active role in how the state raises revenue

Budget Updates


State revenue over the last two months has been stronger than anticipated in September, according to a new report from the Economic & Revenue Forecast Council. This is good news, but there is still a deficit projected over the next five years:

"Despite forecast increases in September and November, the GF-S forecast is $1.8 billion lower than the February 2020 forecast [pre COVID-19] for the current biennium, $1.8 billion lower for the next biennium and $2.0 billion lower for the 2023-25 biennium." 

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An economic forecast released today by the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council cut the projected revenue shortfall of $9 billion from the June forecase (below) in half.

The significant improvement in projected revenue includes an increase of $2.1 billion in the current biennium and $2.2 billion in the next. This still leaves a projected shortfall of over $4 billion over the next three years.

This good news, of course, is contingent on residents following health guidance and our state avoiding another round of shutdowns. 

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Today the Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council (ERFC) announced state revenue collections have fallen more than expected.

The last official revenue forecast was in February.  Based on that forecast, the legislature adopted a supplemental budget in March that made modest increases in spending. Since then the pandemic has driven our economy into a deep recession, and the ERFC now projects a budget deficit of almost $9 billion over the next three years.

Click the link below for the full ERFC report. 

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