WFSE/AFSCME statewide “close loopholes” radio campaign starts today

WFSE/AFSCME statewide “close loopholes” radio campaign starts today

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RadioAds-CloseTaxLoopholesThe Senate Majority Coalition through their special interest corporate friends have been waging a media campaign against the House effort to close tax loopholes to fund schools and vital services.

The Federation is fighting back.

For the next three weeks  — into the start of the special legislative session starting May 13 – Federation commercials will air on radio stations across the state. Cable TV ads will appear in cities, like Vancouver, that have no local commercial radio stations.

The Federation radio and cable TV campaign has already gotten the attention of the mainstream media.

Washington News Service did a statewide radio feed this morning (May 6) featuring details of the campaign and an interview with Federation Executive Director Greg Devereux.

Said Devereux in the WNS interview: “Too many folks in this state have enjoyed incredible loopholes. We’re not saying roll them back forever. But at this point, when so many people have given up so many things, it is time to get revenue from loopholes.”

Here’s what the Federation’s 30-second ads say:

There’s a good plan in Olympia to close two percent of Washington’s 640 tax loopholes to fund schools and services we need.

But the Senate majority and special interests want to add tax loopholes at the expense of our kids and Middle Class jobs.

It’s about priorities.

Call 800-562-6000. Tell legislators: choose kids, care and courage over loopholes.

Paid for by the Washington Federation of State Employees.

Among the stations already airing the ads:

  • Seattle: KOMO, KIRO FM, KVI.
  • Spokane: KXLY
  • Olympia: KGY
  • Tri-Cities: KONA
  • Yakima: KUSA
  • Centralia: KELA
  • Longview/Kelso: KLOG, KUKN
  • Ads have also started airing in Pullman, Shelton, Wenatchee and Walla Walla.

Other stations:

  • Wenatchee KCSY
  • Tri-Cities KALE
  • Prosser KZXR
  • Goldendale KLCK
  • Centralia KELA
  • Longview/Kelso KLOG
  • Pullman KQQQ
  • Ellensburg KXLE
  • Ephrata KULE AM and FM
  • Astoria, OR KAST
  • Chelan KOZI
  • Bellingham KPUG
  • Spokane KSBN
  • Olympia KGY AM and FM
  • Forks KVAC
  • Walla Walla KTEL
  • Lewiston, ID KATW
  • Yakima KUSA/KARY
  • Tacoma KLAY

As more stations come on, we’ll keep you updated.


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